About law office

Legal Practice Verbum (KPV) is a dynamic, Polish, independent law firm with a significant practice in providing comprehensive legal services for corporate clients and individual customers.

The headquarters office of the practice is located in the Polish capital city of Warsaw.

KPV lawyers specialize in matters of civil law, trade and industry law, law of commercial transactions, real estate law, energy law, labor law, and the recovery of debts and legal disputes.

KPV practitioners possess knowledge and experience of market mechanisms and economic realities of Polish business environment.

Our ability to identify customer needs and expectations, allows us to conduct comprehensive legal services to corporate clients and providing consultancy services to clients with complex commercial transactions as well as legal implementation of specific projects, and debt recovery including representation of customers in litigation processes.

A young, professional team of KPV ensures the highest standard of legal services, maintaining competitive conditions of cooperation.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and practice.

Anna Lamentowicz

Anna Lamentowicz - Muszyńska, Lawyer

Scope of services

KPV provides services in the areas of: provision of legal advices, comprehensive outsourcing of legal services for third parties, servicing individual projects and commercial transactions on the legal side as well as representation of the clients in legal proceeding in front of the appropriate courts.

KPV fees depend on the type of services and are determined basis on individual agreements with the clients. It may take the form of a flat monthly rate or be calculated based on hourly rates.


KPV provides legal services for corporate clients in all matters relating to the establishment of companies, their ongoing operation, restructuring and reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings, and repair. We advise on the selection of legal form of the company, the constitutive deed of the entity, the relationship between shareholders and companies and prepare draft agreements, regulations and agreements between stakeholders.

In the field of corporate law (company) law, the firm provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Establishment of business entities based on partnership agreements or wholly owned equity,
  • Support of the processes of transformation (a combination, division, conversion of partnerships and equity), including analysis of legal advice in choosing the optimal variant for transformation division, preparation of draft resolutions, the current advice and overseeing the transition process, etc.
  • The ongoing legal service for commercial companies, including support for the company (meetings of the administration boards, management and shareholders meetings), an increase or reduction of share capital, shares or redeemed shares, changes in the management of companies, changes in statutes and contracts of companies, preparation of the necessary resolutions, procedures etc.
  • Drafting of acts of internal regulations and procedures such as the Rules of the Board, the Supervisory Board acts, the rules of remuneration, procedures, manuals, etc.
  • Representing clients in legal proceedings against registered entities and events which are subject to entry into the National Court Register.



In the area of civil law and trade and industrt law, KPV provides among other forms of support, the following services:

  • The development of projects and legal opinions and memos on all contracts of civil law, typical and uncommon,
  • Participation in the negotiations processes of commercial contracts,
  • Participation in the negotiations processes on behalf of clients whose purpose is to establish, modify or terminate a legal relationship,
  • Researching and provision of written opinions and memos on the contracts in terms of their compliance with the applicable provisions of law and the interests of the Client,
  • Legal support of complex commercial transactions,
  • Preparation and negotiation of settlements projects, agreements, letters of intent,
  • Drawing up of legal analysis leading to assessment of the legal risks associated with transactions,
  • Preparation of project documents, etc.



KPV provides legal services in the field of employment and labor law, covering virtually all aspects of employer-employee relationship.

The range of services offered by the KPV for clients on issues related to hiring employees, includes comprehensive advice on individual and collective employment law, advice in choosing the form and optimization of employment, drafting employment contracts and associated agreements and management contracts, preparation of internal procedures of employment: labor regulations, regulations of salaries, social fund and other comprehensive support for projects related to the restructuring of employment, representing clients in labor disputes before the courts work.

In the field of labor law, KPV provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Comprehensive advice on individual and collective labor and assistance in policy development and employment of personnel management,
  • Development of legislative proposals and opinions on internal work regulations including, for example, collective agreements, work rules, pay rules, regulations for social services fund, health and safety, etc.
  • Advice and comprehensive legal services in matters of employment law in the transactions of merger, acquisition or restructuring of the division of business and employment (redundancies, outsourcing),
  • Participation in negotiations with trade unions,
  • Legal assistance in the making, amendment and resolution of labor relations, including drafting contracts of employment, including for members of the board and senior executives, taking over the contracts of employees, documents concerning the termination of employment contracts and the accompanying ratio (i.e. contract non-competition),
  • Representing clients in labor disputes before the labor courts.



In the field of energy law the KPV law office provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs within the energy industry,
  • Preparation of legal opinions on draft contracts for energy transmission, energy distribution, grid connection and investment agreements related to the implementation of infrastructure projects and energy industry,
  • Advice on the procedures governed by the provisions of the energy law,
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements,
  • Representing clients in legal proceedings in front of the competent bodies of public administration, including President of the Energy Regulatory Office and the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,
  • Representation of entrepreneurs within the energy industry in disputes for compensation for damages resulting from action of the energy industry players.



KPV provides comprehensive legal recovery of debts ranging from assistance in developing contracts and ensuring security, through the execution of correspondence and negotiations with debtors, and representing clients in legal proceedings and debt collection enforcement.

In terms of debt recovery, KPV provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Assistance in developing legal draft projects and securing contracts,
  • Participation in the negotiation of contracts with regard to the selection of appropriate safety level,
  • Conducting correspondence with debtors, including the preparation of calls for payment,
  • Participation in settlement negotiations with debtors, with a view to repayment obligations,
  • Conducting the follow-up proceedings,
  • Conducting of enforcement proceedings,
  • Carrying out the end processes related to debt collection.



KPV provides services for legal contracts and private and public tendering procedures, including: assistance in developing internal procedures for procurement matters, advice on the subject and conditions of the case and the choice of mode of conduct of a comprehensive service for the award of the contract, including: organizing, carrying out and preparation of tender documents, supervision of the tender, documentation of the case, analyzing bids, participation in negotiations with contractors, and representing clients in legal proceedings before the National Board of Appeal and the courts.

In the field of public procurement law, KPV provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Advice and preparation of internal instruments and procedures on binding public procurement (i.e. public procurement regulations and procurement plans) and non – binding, by the application of the provisions of the Act of the public procurement law,
  • Legal advice including the preparation of the case for a public contract and the preparation of the dossier of the case including: the essential terms of the contract specifications (SIWZ) and the agreement of the public procurement,
  • Organization and conduct of the case for a public contract, or of legal services for a public contract, including opinions on the conformity of the law or violations of public procurement proceedings for the award of the contract, help in providing explanations of SIWZ, preparation of tenders and the preparation of appeals (protests, appeals),
  • Participation in the negotiations between the contracting authority and the contractors and the preparation of contracts for the procurement contract,
  • Representing clients in appeal legal proceedings before the National Board of Appeal and courts,
  • The use of various procurement of goods or services by operators to apply the law on public procurement.



KPV provides legal assistance in the field of litigation and arbitration proceedings, covering all areas of law and types of litigations, mainly related to the practice of trade, corporate disputes, employment law, real estate.

Since the beginning of the KPV establishment, the number of cases conducted by the office has exceeded several hundreds.

In terms of legal representation in court proceedings KPV provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Representing clients in the civil and commercial courts of all instances, including litigations, law enforcement and safeguards,
  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings in front of the Authorities of Public Administration, County Administration Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection and other responsible authorities,
  • Representing clients in cases in front of the arbitration courts,
  • Representing clients in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings,
  • Representation of clients in front of courts in employment and labor law disputes.



The range of services offered by the KPV for clients on issues of real estate market the industry and infrastructure projects include: drawing up the analysis of real estates, carrying out investigations of legal ownership, advice and comprehensive legal services in the market and real estate management and the preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects in particular: preparation of draft documents, participation in the negotiations and carrying out various legal documents, representing clients before courts and administrative authorities to complete the transactions.

In the property market and real estate industry, KPV provides, among other forms of support, the following services:

  • Conducting investigations aimed at establishing the legal status of the real estate property,
  • Preparation of legal opinions and representing clients in matters relating to the restoration of property rights or property expropriation in the nationalization process and execution of claims for damages in respect thereof, including those relating to property forfeited in connection with the so-called. Warsaw Decree of 26 October 1945 on the ownership and use of land in the area of Warsaw,
  • Comprehensive legal services in matters of marketing and management of real estate property including: legal advice and actions in the exercise and protection of rights of property owners and the rules limiting such rights, acquisition and sale of real estate, preparation, negotiation and opinions on leases of office space, utility lease and the lease of land, representing clients in proceedings before courts holding real estate property registrars,
  • Analysis of the legal status of the real estate properties along with an assessment of the risks associated with its acquisition,
  • Comprehensive support and advice in the preparation and implementation of investment projects and infrastructure, including representing clients before administrative bodies and public and administrative courts in matters relating to the implementation of such projects, including preparation of applications for approval of the project, with the issuance of the building and land development and construction license, licensing the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the acquisition of property or shares in companies by foreigners, drafting and negotiating contracts for construction works.



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